Marine Pro

We deliver environmentally friendly hull washing and a clear conscience through new and forward-looking sustainable technology

Our Vision

Delivering sustainable hull washing and a clear conscience.

The hull washing system HullwashECO® will contribute to a clean hull, less marine pollution, lower fuel consumption, less CO2 and NOₓ emissions, as well as improving the quality and experience of boating and providing a good marine environment – with a clear conscience for all boaters.

New forward-looking sustainable technology

Environmentally friendly hull washing and sustainable technology for leisure and commercial boats – in the future without the use of environmentally hostile bottom material.

Clear conscience

Environmentally friendly hull washing removes fouling from the hull – providing optimum speed and fuel economy. Contributes to handing over the planet and the marine environment in a better condition for future generations.

Our solutions

Marine Pro develops solutions for small and medium-sized boats. For boats under 25 feet, we offer HullmatECO®, a hull mat in environmentally friendly material that both washes and prevents fouling while the boat is moored. For boats up to 60 feet, we have HullwashECO®, a “sail in” hull washing system that solves the fouling problem completely without the use of environmental toxins and emissions.