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Our mission

New forward-looking and sustainable technology!

Environmentally friendly hull washing and sustainable technology for leisure and commercial boats – without the use of environmentally unfriendly bottom material. MarinePro is an environmentally focused “2nd mover” in the hull washing segment. Sweden, with the Baltic Sea as a challenge, was in its time “first mover”, but without sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions for the future.

The hull washing system HullwashECO® and the hull mat HullmatECO® will contribute to a clean hull, less marine pollution, lower fuel consumption, less CO2 and NOₓ emissions, as well as improving the quality and experience of boating and providing a good marine environment – with a clear conscience for all boaters.

Clean boat – Happy Environment

The problem

Negative impact on marine life.

There is an urgent need to change boat maintenance routines and become more environmentally conscious. The use of environmentally unfriendly products will cease and be replaced by sustainable alternatives.

Bottom material consists of, among other things of polymers such as microplastics/resin, and have toxic and polluting agents (biocides) which also represent a health hazard when cleaning and applying to boats.

Bottom material as it appears today has a negative impact on marine life, and is thus not an environmentally friendly or sustainable product for boating.

The solution

Marine Pro develops solutions for small and medium-sized boats. For boats under 25 feet, we offer HullmatECO®, a hull mat in environmentally friendly material that both scrubs and prevents fouling while the boat is moored.

For boats up to 60 feet, we have HullwashECO®, a “sail-in” hull washing system that solves the fouling problem completely without the use of environmental toxins and emissions.


Our hull washing system is a modern mechanical solution for removing fouling on your boat. Completely without using environmentally toxic chemicals, HullwashECO® washes the hull clean, while the boat is still in the water. The washing can be done regardless of what has been done by previous treatment of the underwater hull.

The hull washing facility is based on a Norwegian-developed mechanical brush washing solution, which washes off fouling below the waterline. The wash water is carried in a closed system to land for cleaning. No active substances are added, and the brush system is secured against leakage of washing water into surrounding water and sediments. The solution was Patented Q4 2021.


Marine Pro AS has developed a hull mat for leisure boats up to 25 feet. HullmatECO® enables smaller leisure boats to be kept clean throughout the season without the application of sediment products. The coconut mat has the property that when the boat is lying on the mat, the boat’s movements in relation to the hull mat, which floats in water, will produce a “scrubbing effect” against the hull when the boat is moored. The solution was Patented Q4 2020.

The company and the market

The company

– Unique market position – Internationally first to develop environmentally friendly hull washers and hull mats, few/no competitors.
– Expect strong growth – Expect strong growth in turnover in the next few years.
– Unique technology – The idea has led to several years of R&D and the development of our concepts.
– Broad business model – Has a broad business model that allows the company to develop in accordance with developments in the market, and focus on the profitable segments. Sales, rental and leasing w/operation.
– Green DNA – Our DNA and culture is built on creating an environmentally friendly use of leisure boats.


The market

– Large and new market – National and international market with enormous potential.
– Change in customer preferences – Marine Pro is experiencing an increased demand among marinas and boat associations, as well as boaters who want a more environmentally friendly alternative.
– Push from decision-makers – Leisure boats in Norway account for an annual consumption of approx. 400 tonnes of bottom material, and there is an increased focus from politicians, industry associations and customers in Norway and internationally to develop a new standard and rules for the use of bottom material.
– No market leader yet – There are no direct competitors to Marine Pro in Norway, and only a few internationally. With the planned commercialisation, the company has the opportunity to take a leading position in Norway and internationally.

Potential, support schemes, budgets and timeline

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Trond Stenslet
Founder and CEO
Robin Junge