HullmatECO at Aker Brygge

KRUSER and Marine Pro have launched a trial project using a sustainable and environmentally friendly hull mat HullmatECO®, lying under a Hydrolift E-22 in KRUSER’s electric boat harbor at Aker Brygge.

The hull mat, which is a Prototype, is made from nature-based and recyclable materials. When the boat is not in use, the boat rests on top of the hull mat consisting of natural fibers made from coconut. The boat’s underwater hull is dark and prevents sunlight, and with a light scrubbing effect from the hull mat, fouling is eliminated. And best of all – makes the use of environmentally polluting sediment products (microplastics and biocides) redundant.

Leisure boat owners with boats up to 25 feet/2 hours who use a hull mat will achieve a completely clean underwater hull throughout the season, and will thus be able to maintain optimal boat speed. Boat owners with a traditional engine and no electric drive will also achieve reduced fuel consumption and reduced emissions of Co2 and NOx! A unique environmental benefit – both for the boat owner and for life in the sea.

The hull mat HullmatECO® will be launched in spring 2023 as a rental product – “Mat-as-a-Service” in the Oslofjord region and in Southern Norway, and will be expanded to other regions the following season.

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New animation shows our solutions

Our new video animation shows the marina of the future, where both motor and sailboats up to 60 feet can be washed clean – without leaks to sea. The washing water from the hull wash in water and the washing area on land is carried on in a closed system to the treatment plant. We achieve up to 99% degree of purification of the washing water (biological material, microplastic residues and biocides/environmental toxins). After water purification, clean water approved by the authorities is returned to the sea. Remaining sludge and residues will be handled by approved reception for special waste.

Smaller boats up to 25 feet can be laid on hull mats throughout the season. The hull mat prevents sunlight from reaching the underside of the hull, and the coconut mat has an abrasive effect (scrubbing effect),  and thus the hull will stay clean and free of fouling throughout the season.

Clean boat hulls provide optimal boat speed, and eliminate excess consumption of fuel, thus avoiding unnecessary pollution with emissions of CO2 and NOx into the air.

Clean Boat – Happy Environment!

Mention in Seilas spring 2022

The port committee in KNS describes its visit to the pilot facility in the latest issue of SEILAS.

The development will continue through 2022, and now a demonstration facility will be installed in the Oslofjord this season.

If everything goes as planned, it will be possible to build and install five hull washing facilities for the 2023 season.

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If you would like to become a co-owner in our environmental project, see more at: Invest in Marine Pro – Marine Pro


The product names are now approved as trademarks

HullwashECO® and HullmatECO® are both registered trademarks.

The Norwegian Patent and Trademark Office has approved our applications for trademarks. HullwashECO®, our hull washing machine for leisure boats 25 – 60 feet, will be marketed with associations to environmentally friendly hull washing.

HullmatECO®, our solution for leisure boats up to 25 feet, will be marketed with associations to an environmentally friendly hull mat.

Both solutions will be able to offer boat owners a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to the current use of environmentally unfriendly sediment products.

Clean Boat – Happy Environment!

Marine Pro at the electric boat fair in Vollen Marina

We will have a stand and boat in the sea – of course on a hull mat – at the electric boat fair in Vollen 27-29 August!

At our stand, we will finally be able to show off some of what we have been working on for the past year, and in the lake we will have a practical demonstration of HullmatECO® We encourage anyone interested in the area to come by for a nice hull chat!


Mention in Seilas - spring 2020

KNS member magazine “SEILAS spring 2020”, writes about “Sail-in-wash” for boats. Marine Pro is proud to be able to present the project status of the boat washing facility to boaters. A big thank you to KNS and Christian Ruschetta for the interest and discussion of future environmentally friendly solutions for leisure boats.

Pilot project with innovation Norway has been completed

The pilot project with Innovation Norway, the Environmental Technology Scheme, has now been completed, and we can now document that we wash boats clean, without leakage into the sea, and that the wash water is handled in a closed system.

The hull washing system must ensure that most relevant leisure boats and service vessels up to 60 feet can carry out an appropriate, reliable and accessible cleaning of the undercarriage hull, without the need to lift the vessel out of the sea.

The wash water, which contains removed fouling and pollutants, is collected, cleaned and clean water returned to the sea. The residual sludge will then be handled and destroyed.

The hull washing system will be environmentally efficient whether the boat/vessel has been treated with sediment or not.

We have now entered into an agreement of intent with the marina in Asker, regarding the installation of a Demonstrator – a hull washing facility with cleaning facilities for the summer season 2022. Hull washing will then be available to boat owners in the Oslofjord region.

Sail magazine: Bottom material may be banned

Seilmagasinet highlights Marine Pro in an article about possible new environmental requirements to come, and future solutions for fouling without the use of environmental toxins.



NRK: Boat owners can be held liable

March 25, 2019

Kristiansand municipality wants to make boat owners responsible for environmental substances that end up in nature. Storage areas for small boats are heavily contaminated with heavy metals, a new report from the municipality shows.

See the feature:

Article from SVT October 2019

October 14, 2019

Sweden has now introduced a ban on remaining TBT on the hull. In addition, a total ban has been introduced against the use of sediment products in fresh water and in the Gulf of Bothnia.

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